Welcome to the D365 Global Events Calendar! I had the idea for this site in 2018 while I was traveling to a D365 Saturday event in New Zealand. I found that I was struggling to see what was happening next in the Dynamics community, and where it was happening. I really like to be able to plan my work travel well in advance so I can take part in events while I am visiting an area. I also get frequent questions from my colleagues and peers about which events are happening near them.

It has been great to see the Dynamics community evolve over the last decade and a half from a handful of online forums to a global, active and engaged community around this technology that so many of us love. Today there are organizations dedicated to community events, as well as dozens of partner- and customer- initiated activities. And, of course, Microsoft continues to provide more and more opportunities for in-person and virtual engagement.

I hope you find this site helpful as you plan your involvement with the community!

Matt Wittemann
MVP, Microsoft Business Applications
Twitter: @MattNC

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